Festive presents for someone special

For your spouse, your children, your grandchildren. A unique gift from Japan will make this once-a-year occasion even more special.

A pair of cups for
“us time”

A stunning set of drinking cups at the dinner table can spark a glowing conversation. These cups convey a message from one spouse to another: Let’s have some “us time.” Tableware from Tsubame-Sanjo in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture has become popular in Europe.

It takes many processes to craft the pieces shown here, with everything from the initial shaping to lacquering to the fine detailing done by hand. A charming present for spouses to give one another in celebration of their shared affection.

Celebrate that first special Christmas!

Toys are nice and all, but a gift of handcrafted shoes comes with hopes for baby’s continued growth and happiness. Every piece of umelo ihc’s first-shoes kit is made in Japan for quality you can trust, and the leather, available in unique color, is treated with natural low-allergen tannins to make it safe for baby to touch and wear. Simply trim the leather to fit, sew the pieces together, and in less than four hours, you’ll have a beautiful pair of custom-fit shoes for that special little someone.

Unexpected gifts for loved ones

Shijimi, or freshwater clams, are a popular addition to miso soup in Japan. The beloved bivalves, featured in ukiyo-e prints and serving as a staple of the common folk since samurai times, have been commemorated in these silver earrings. The outside is oxidized to bring out their shellfish nature, and when worn, the shells seem to nip the earlobes in a whimsical way. Or consider our stylish coffee-bean earrings. With so much personality in just two little earrings, either design would make the perfect gift for that special someone. Light up Christmas with an unexpected spark!

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